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A curated collection of NFT digital art exclusively for
Cambi and SuperRare
ONLINE AUCTION ON SUPERRARE: JUNE 25 - JULY 4 2021 A curated collection of NFT digital art exclusively for Cambi and SuperRare

Dystopian Visions: a curated NFT digital art collection

Cambi is the first auction house in Italy to enter into the NFT landscape and aims to assist its clients in the promising Digital Art market in partnership with SuperRare a pioneering online, peer-to-peer marketplace created in 2017 with the aim of reinventing art collecting for the digital era and specialised in single editions and premium editions of non-fungible tokens (NFT), in particular CryptoArt, based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Every day from 25 June, 2 of the 18 works in the Dystopian Visions collection will be Dropped, i.e. registered on the Ethereum blockchain and thus made unique, irreplaceable and impossible to falsify.

The collection

Dystopian Visions, the world is changing. Artists were the first to perceive this, understanding the dynamics of a movement in constant flux, facing towards an interconnected system between art and technology, laying the foundations of what is now seen as a global movement called crypto art: a creed that unites online communities and the spirit of each artist in a single, extremely real and visionary digital space.

Crypto art, which emerged back in 2018 and was partly launched by a small group of Italian artists pioneering this movement, has exported our culture, traditions and talent internationally. Dystopian Visions brings together some of the major exponents of the Italian crypto art movement, proposing a theme linked to a future vision of the world. A world governed by a subtle balance, in tension between a utopian and dystopian dualism that reaches our everyday life and binds it to an increasingly digitalised ecosystem.

Live Exposition: June 24th – 26th | Cambi Casa d’aste | Milan, via San Marco 22

Virtual Exposition: June 28th – July 4th | Arium


June 25 – Day 1

Fabio Catapano

Data Collector V1.0

Luca Viola


June 26 – Day 2

Mattia Cuttini

Yellow Pulsing Map

Manuel Gardina

Videotapestry (Nerybe)

June 27 – Day 3

Fabiano Speziari

Clod 130: a place for lazy minds



June 28 – Day 4

Giovanni Motta

Afternoon Garage

Vittorio Bonapace


June 29 – Day 5

Giusy Amoroso

Esoskeleton – The Origin

Vittorio Bonapace


June 30 – Day 6


Restore Asimov

Vittorio Bonapace


July 1 – Day 7

Elia Pellegrini

Grains of Time

Nicola Scognamiglio


July 2 – Day 8

Leonardo Dentico

God’s Graffiti

Paola Pinna

Hidden Miki

July 3 – Day 9

Teresa Manzo


Annibale Siconolfi



On 24 and 25 June, at the Milan headquarters of Cambi Auction House, on the sidelines of the live exhibition of the works, two webinars will be held, created and conceived to provide collectors with both the operational tools, from opening a wallet to buying cryptocurrencies, and an overview of the path a collector has to take, from choosing the best digital work to long-term preservation.

NFT (Non Fungible Token)

An NFT is a cryptographically supported token (a digital object with economic or qualitative value) that creates an immutable digital traceability for an object and enables the sale, purchase and collection of such objects online. Technically, an NFT is the registration of ownership of a digital object on a blockchain that acts as an identity stamp for that object. This digital object can contain several kind of media, including images, video, sound, text.

Glossary & FAQ


A blockchain-based digital resource with verifiable scarcity and uniqueness that therefore takes on an economic or qualitative value.


Digital register whose entries are grouped in “blocks”, concatenated in chronological order, and whose integrity is guaranteed by the use of cryptography.


Decentralised Web 3.0 platform for the creation and peer-to-peer publication of smart contracts based on blockchain that currently powers most of the NFT market.


Digital wallet of cryptocurrencies to pay with your smartphone at any time and in total security.whose integrity is guaranteed by the use of cryptography.


Coining an NFT by registering it on the Ethereum blockchain, a public ledger that is immutable and tamper-proof.


Buying and selling platform for collecting unique, single edition digital artworks. Among the first to be born in 2017, it has remained faithful to its identity closely linked to its artistic profile.


An NFT is a cryptographically supported token (a digital object with economic or qualitative value) that creates an immutable digital traceability for an object and enables the sale, purchase and collection of such objects online.

A blockchain is basically a continuously updated ledger that exists online. It maintains a publicly accessible record of who owns what, just like the networks that found cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin. NFTs are usually connected to the Ethereum blockchain.

“Dystopian Visions” is a brand new collection of 18 unique works, curated by Serena Tabacchi and created by some of the best Italian artists of the digital art movement and NFT.

A curated collection is not a simple collection of works unrelated to each other, it is a collection of creations inspired by the same theme and enriched by facets of reflections that help to deepen a slice of human sensitivity.

The NFT panorama is now wide and well established and collectors are pleased to be able to focus their attention on what is most interesting.

Thanks to the double control of Cambi and SuperRare and the curatorship of Serena Tabacchi, the works offered here at auction are the right starting point to navigate in a potentially boundless sea of works with naturally indefinable physical boundaries.

Collaboration between institutions, artists and platforms is possible when it is a service for clients and the art market.

The auction will be held exclusively on the SuperRare platform and according to its terms of service, so you can only participate using a wallet enabled to bid in Ethereum (ETH) on the platform. Bids will NOT be revocable or cancellable.

If you do not know how to open a wallet or would like to explore other ways to participate, please contact us for more information at

SuperRare is a global leader in the emerging market for curated, blockchain-certified, single edition NFTs. All artists have already released art collections on SuperRare and Cambi is proud to continue to collaborate with experts in the blockchain ecosystem and to support crypto art according to the logic of the movement.

Once you have registered on SuperRare and connected your wallet, you will send the funds to the artist via the platform at the time of the offer: if the artist accepts the offer, you will see the work on your wallet within a few minutes.

Read the Terms of Service on the SuperRare website for more information.

The Dystopian Visions collection, curated by Serena Tabacchi, director of the MoCDA (Museum of Contemporary Digital Art) and coordinated by Bruno Pitzalis, presents 18 artists from the NFT scene and unites them in a project designed to focus on the dystopian-utopian dichotomous themes that dominate the contemporary imagination and, thus, open a door to the increasingly present future.

The project stems from the initiative of Design Art Studio, a pool of consultants for project management for buying and selling works of art and design, which manages design auctions for Cambi Auction House with forays into other sectors.

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