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Cambi aims to support its customers in discovering the Digital Art market, providing a guided tour to get to know collectors, artists and markets linked to the world of digital art.

Fundamental preparatory appointments to understand the logic behind this new area of art collecting.

Webinars will be held in English

Collective Moments

24 June 2021 – h 5:30 pm CET / 11:30 ET

As a collector of digital art enters an unexplored world, it is normal to feel a slight sense of confusion. The art and digital landscape is changing rapidly and continuously, not offering many fixed points. This webinar is designed to cover the challenges a collector faces, from choosing digital artworks to long-term preservation.


With the participation of the world’s leading figures in Digital Art and in connection with qualified experts who can relate their own experience, we will go through the stages a collector goes through step by step.

The Collector Toolbox

25 June 2021 – h 5:30 pm CET / 11:30 ET

Which tools are used to collect digital art? Warehouses and surveillance are leaving room for servers and cybersecurity as cheques to cryptocurrency payments and digital places to store works, cryptographic keys and passwords are multiplying. This webinar aims to guide the would-be collector or beginning buyer towards best practices for buying and storing digital works.


Thanks to a panel of experts and professionals from the world of digital art and in connection with collectors who can relate their experience, we will give examples and case histories of good technical and practical solutions.

Watch the recording of Collective Moments Webinar

Watch the recording of Collective Moments Webinar

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