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Giusy Amoroso

Exoskeleton – The origin

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Owner: Giusy Amoroso

Giusy Amoroso

Exoskeleton – The origin


Non-fungible Token ERC-721

PNG – 3240x4050px

Minted on June 21, 2021, ed. 1/1

Artwork Description

Exoskeleton -The origin, is a portrait of the cognitive core of the superior form. From a Utopian point of view, the human race will achieve immortality. As our minds transcend into the digital space, our bodies transmute into technologically advanced shells. The mind remains imperfect and authentic; fragile and human whilst the body adapts to its hostile environment. The Artwork represents the idea of Dystopia as a prologue to a Utopian society. Furthermore, the artwork invites you to reflect on the redefinition of: “what defines a human being in such a future?” The artwork connects us to a Utopian future built upon a dystopian sacrifice that runs parallel to present and past.

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